In 2005, after a long career in languages, linguistics, and language software development I enrolled in the drawing program at Seattle's Gage Academy of Art. Gage Academy teaches classical methods and techniques, but its mission is broader: to help artists "meet the challenges of creating contemporary art with insight, skill and sound technique." Margaret Davidson, my primary drawing instructor at Gage, guided me through realism and then on to abstraction and minimalism. I am the artist I am today because of her, and I was thrilled and honored when she included two of my drawings in her 2011 book Contemporary Drawing: Key Concepts and Techniques.

I have been influenced by the work of Agnes Martin, Gego (Gertrude Goldschmidt), Vija Celmins, Eva Hesse, and Brice Marden, and I return to those sources as I explore the many pathways between beauty, thought, and art.

Exhibition history